We also offer prepackaged products in the domain of accounting and finance, information systems and ecommerce. However these products are fully customizable at two levels (i) run time configuration (ii) source code modification. If some functionality which you require is not currently built in the product we can modify the product to exactly map to your needs. In case you choose our prepackaged products you will not have to wait a long while. The product can be deployed at your site immediately if you do not request any enhancements. Modification or enhancement would require considerably less time compared to absolutely custom product. With our prepackaged products you can start reaping the benefits of automation immediately. Our prepackaged products cost considerably less than custom products and are designed carefully to meet the needs of customers in a particular domain.


We offer Custom Solutions to meet your business needs. Off-the-shelf software are most of the time too general and do not meet all the needs of any one as no business is alike. This results into costly workarounds; which results into loss in productivity and efficiency. We have diversified team who has worked with many languages and platforms. We are confident that your custom project is well within our capabilities. We have worked with all of the popular languages on multiple plateforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).


1 To N Pvt. Ltd. is fully capable of creating a new website for you. It could be an elegant static website, business portal, a comprehensive ecommerce site or web based business application. We can also take your existing website to new levels. Our software engineering processes for website development ensures you will receive a high quality website or web application that is optimized for popular search engines and conforms to the W3C standards. Your project will commence with a team of website developers who are dedicated to creating your perfect website. We will keep on working on your website till the time you are fully satisfied. It does not matter to us how many revisions or iteration it requires to get it right, you can rest assured that the final website design is exactly what you want. If we cannot create a website that you like, we will not charge any money.


We are currently developing applications and games for iOS and Android based mobile phones and devices. So far, we have successfully launched iOS based games and applications which are now available on the Apple Store.

We have specialized and dedicated teams of graphics designers, animators, programmers and game developers. These teams are fully trained and have a strong expertise in their areas. These teams are fully capable of designing and developing custom based mobile applications and games as per your requirements.


WWe as Network Consultant provide services to create a network from scratch or to take an existing network and enhance or update. We evaluate the needs of the client and prepare a detailed document of what is needed to create a networking structure that will meet those needs. We may also be consulted to actually administrate the purchase of needed equipment, securing the appropriate vendors for various communication services with in the budget of the customer.

We also provide basic training to employees who will handle day to day troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.
Our Network Expertise Include:

  • New Network Development
  • Update or Enhance Existing Network
  • High Performance Computing
  • Cluster Computing
  • Cloud Computing